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Live Videos

1. "Earthquake" (from Cafe de la Danse)
2. "Two Wooden Spoons" with Aaron Dessner (from Other Voices)
3. "Vitamins" (acoustic at Other Voices)
4. "Sometimes the Sea"
5. "Bashed Out" with Richard Reed Parry and Aaron Dessner (from MusicNow Festival & La Blogothèque)
6. "Waterproof" (from Cafe de la Danse)

Full-Length Albums

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"Wriggle Out The Restless" LP/CD

2010 / 2013 -- LP/CD originally released by Dreamboat records Autumn 2010. Now reissued in a definitive edition by Brassland with great new cover and extra track!

"Krulle Bol" LP/ CD

2008 -- First 'proper' LP produced by John Parish and originally released on Microbe Records. Reissued on Disco-Ordination Records in 2011 (DOLP08).

7" Vinyl

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"Earthquake" 7"

2011 -- Need No Water Records (needno011) release date June 20, 2011. B-side remix from Buddy Peace (plus addditional remixes by Fear of Theydon and Plaisir de France on download card).

"Moon" / "Treehouse" 7"

2010 -- Released on Need No Water.

"Birchwood Beaker" 7"

2009 -- Split single with Soy Un Caballo. This Is The Kit version on one side and on the flipside is Soy Un Caballo's version translated into French! Released on Need No Water (needno007).

"Two Wooden Spoons" 7"

2006 -- 7" single released on Sunday Best Records.

Disco-Ordination Split Single 7"

2005 -- 7" single with Jimmy Goodrich, Morningstar, Darren Roberts, and Banjo Kate (aka This Is The Kit). Released on Disco-Ordination (DOSP04).

Other Releases

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"Wriggle Out The Restless/Remixes" CD

2011 -- Originally released on Disco-Ordination records (DOCD14) in June 2011 but currently out of print. Seventeen remixes and covers of songs from the album "Wriggle Out The Restless" all done by some of our very talented friends and relations.

"Taproot and Sill"

2009 -- Limited edition four song 10" brown vinyl EP released on Dreamboat Records by Whalebone Polly, the joint duo project of Kate Stables and Rachael Dadd.

"Vitamins" Cassette

2008 -- One track released on Tape Club Records.

First EP "This Is the Kit"

2006 -- Originally released on Microbe Records.

"Where it Lives" CD

2005 -- Originally released on in Japan on the Angel's Egg label. This is a collection of home recordings and demos now available digitally through Disco-Ordination Records (DOCD07).

"Last Of The Secret Fish-Eaters" LP

Released on Disco-Ordination records (DOCD09). Instrumental four-track pieces released recorded around 2001.

"Recording with the Window Open"

2005 -- Another record by Whalebone Polly. Recorded 2004-2005 and released on Angel's Egg in Japan.

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